Aesthetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty), or nose reshaping surgery, generally no scarf will form because the nose tips is not cut is used.The cartilages, bones and soft tissues forming the nascal structure are reshaped. Nasal ptosis,extremely upturned tips, angle between lip and nose tip, prominent or deficient area on the nose,curvatures in the nose, nose tips and nostrils are corrected and given an aesthetic appearance. It can also be connected to correct a congenital deformity or injury, or it may fix some problems with your breathing.

Among all, the trust and good communication between you and the doctor is very important. at The first interview the surgeon will ask you how your nose you wish or you like it to appear; To examine the structure of your nose and your face and explain the possibilities that is available to you. the cartilage of your nose structure, the shape of your face, the thickness of your skin, your age, and your expectations are the main topic of discussion.

Rhinoplasty usually takes an hour or two for Nose reshaping ,Depending on the existing problem of the nose the operation technique will be chosen by the surgeons. Finally, the skin will be adapted on the generated roof of the nose.

After the surgery, the face will feel swollen , the nose may hurts a little bit and you may have a slight head pain during the first 24 hours.

2-3 days after the operation is the period when welling and edema are at the highest level but then it rapidly disappear.

if perforates silicone splint that enables breathing from the nose has been used it is removed after two or three days from the operation.

after a couple of days from the operation you can go back to your work depending on your recovery period and the work you perform.

it is normal that your nose tip may have little numbness. it decrease within several weeks and recovery complete.
if the concha and deviates septum are intervened due to the difficulty in breathing, nasal blockage is normal after the operation, this will go away in the time with in about two months. it happened from the swelling and scabs inside the nose.

two weeks later you can start doing light exercises that do not force you . you will notice and enjoy the new shape of your nose after the third week of the operation.