The ear surgery is to reduse the size and correct the scoop of the ear or ear shape. Non-Operative Prominent Ear Surgery with Bonds; This should be applied for those who do not have much ear deformity. It is a simple and easy procedure.

It is generally not reliable and not sound. So, in order to get absolute, sound and effective results, shaping ad repairing of cartilages are a more reliable option.

Prominent Ear Surgery; No stitch is developed on the visible surfaces of ears. This operation is performed with a short vertical incision of about 3 cm from the back of ears. The cartilage is shaped as desired and fixed with permanent stitches. Dissolvable stitches are put on the ear skin and the ear is put in a bandage. Stitches are not required to be removed because dissolvable stitches are used.
The duration of the operation takes between (1,5 – 2) hours.

The patient can go back home on the day of the operation. The Patient will not feel any pain with the effect of local anesthesia, after that patient will feel slight pain which is not that much to affect your daily life. The painkillers we provide will make you relaxed. Patient’s ears are put in bandage for 3 days and then he is recommended to have a hair band for about 10 days.after that You can go out and get back into usual routine and your normal life. The patient Need to pay attention to the ear Bending up to 1.5 months.