When it comes to the leg aesthetics, a wide range related to both upper and lower legs is understood. With leg aesthetics; the excess fats can be removed by the liposuction technique, skin sagging can be corrected by the lifting surgeries, especially for those with thick ankle and lower legs, special liposuction techniques can be used in this area, fat transfer can be performed in the existing collapses in legs, and it is possible to correct the thinness and curvature in lower legs by performing silicone surgery.

Legs are important regions in our day especially for women in the meaning of both aesthetics and self-confidence. The existing problems in legs confront women with problems especially like non-wearing skirts and boots. Consequently, these problems can be corrected by leg aesthetic surgeries.

If there is a problem about soft tissue in the legs, it usually manifests itself as fat excess. In this case the lower legs look thick. The most important reason of looking thick of the lower legs is that the muscle and bone masses are also thick. It cannot be intervened in these tissues by operation. However, it can be possible make the leg thinner by fining the fatty tissue on the muscles by liposuction.

In cases that the lower leg is thin, leg aesthetic surgeries are performed in two ways. One of them is the silicone implant surgery in the lower leg. In this surgery, an enlargement and thickening occur in the back and inner regions of leg. Another alternative for the patients whose lower legs are thin is the leg aesthetic surgery of leg augmentation with fat transfer.

For this plastic surgery to be performed there should be sufficient amounts of fatty tissue that can be taken from the body especially in belly, and used. Sometimes both the liposuction and the fat grafting can be used as combined in the leg aesthetic surgeries.