Filler injections are used to correct the wrinkles, give the shape and plump it up again for a various parts of the body.

The fillers are classified into kinds : the first one is injected and lasts for 8-12 months and the second one can be lasts untill 3 years. For this the injected material will lasts for a lifetime. After the filler injections, a natural look is achieved .Lip(fillers) augmentation and facial implants are very easy and rapid to be applied in treatment of wrinkles so the operation can be it done in 20-30 minutes . Hyaluronic acid is the basic structural material of ligament which present in our body. Liveliness, brightness, humid, color, tightness of skin are effects of hyaluronic acid.

High amount of presence of hyaluronic acid in baby skin is a good example for understanding the subject. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin with a very fine needle.. The procedure is completed for people having low a pain threshold very comfortable with the local anesthesia cream. It is generally applied in 2 successive sessions . It takes effects immediately . with a short time after the sessions the results will be seen. The areas where fillers are used most frequently : Making lips plum and Filling the collapses around lip and chin , filling the sunken areas under eyes and in the cheeks, eyebrow lift by filling and treatment of deep lines and wrinkles on the face.

Lets make your beauty speaks with plump lips.