Breast Reduction

Large breasts may cause back and neck pains and lead to kyphosis in women due to their weight. They may feel numbness due to that the bras make pressure on arm nerves. You may feel difficulty in breathing. A rash or wounds may be developed at the inframammary line as a result of rubbing of breast skin and chest skin. Daily physical activities may be limited. Also large breasts create problems in choosing what to wear, and the fact that the women do not like themselves, causes social and psychological problems. An operation to be applied for the purpose of reducing breast size gives the breasts a natural look, the aforementioned problems are removed, the person’s life becomes convenient. Breasts can be large for different reasons. Large breasts that do not fit the body size can be developed due to genetic factors, hormonal changes or as a result of some diseases.

Surgery is performed in the hospital environment mostly under general anesthesia in about 2-3 hours.In the breast reduction surgery, the large breast tissue is reshaped according to the person’s body size. Extra breast tissue and the skin are removed. The nipple is carried to where it should be. A scar is left around the nipple no matter what method is applied. Although, these scars are apparent at the beginning, they may become invisible in time. The degree of scars after operation depends on the size of breasts, the operative method and finally, the ability of the patient’s skin to leave a scar. A group of patients say that they sunbathed topless. The most frequently technique is the technique of 4.5-5 cm around the nipple and going down from the middle of the lower edge of nipple as seen in the figure in the middle. In some special cases, for extremely large breasts, the first of the above operative techniques is applied.

After the Surgery:

The post-operation stage is generally easy. Pain is minimal. There may be limitation in arm movements. Breasts are covered with a bra-like bandage or the patient should wear bras just after the operation. Generally two tubes called drain are placed in the both breasts, and removed within 24-72 hours. The same dressing is put on the nipple. The dressing is opened and controlled 2 days later. Bandages are opened 7 days later. You stay in hospital for 1-3 days. The patient puts on sports bras for 6 weeks and massage is suggested. There may be swelling, numbing or pinkish color change on skin. They go away in a short time.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that generally gives good and permanent results, restores the person’s and her spouse’s psychological state and makes them lively more than ever and makes the woman’s way of dressing much easier. The reshaped breasts are long lasting.

Breast reduction operation is a necessary procedure for your health as well as being a plastic surgery. It is scientifically shown that the removal of extra breast tissue protects the person against breast cancer even if just a bit.
You can get back to your work 1 week later and It is better to avoid the heavy sport for 3 months .