Breast Correction

Breasts may sag due to weakness in binding ligaments, softening in the skin and breast tissues in the course of time, breast – feeding and pregnancy. Fixing these sags is possible by different methods.

Operation time is approximately 1,5 – 2 hours . In the operation, the patient and the surgeon decide for the ideal technique that will give the best results (Superior, Superolateral or Inferior Pediculate). Nipples and sagging breast tissue are reshaped. The nipple is restored to its original place, the extra skin is removed. Depending on the size of ptosis in breast, a hardly visible scar in different shapes (half-moon, circular scar on the nipple or a straight incision scar of 4-5 cm descending down from the nipple)may be left. If you want to obtain full, nice round breasts, you should have breast lift and breast augmentation (silicone prosthesis) operations, if you want smaller breasts, you should have breast lift ad reduction operations, thus ptosis is removed. Scars are visible at the beginning, but become invisible in time.

Evaluation of the operation according to the breast ptosis; Stage I; Corrected with breast implant or correction is made with removal of skin by cutting the area around the nipples without breast implant (scar in the form of a new moon). Stage II; a lollipop-like technique is used for correction, in which the area around the nipple is cut or a scar of 4-5 cm going down from the nipple is left, Stage III; a lollipop-like technique which leaves a scar in the form of reverse T or a scar of 4-5 cm going down from the nipple is used for correction. Post-operation stage is generally easy. If breast prosthesis is used during the operation, you may have limitation in arm movements.

The medical dressing is opened 2 days later and the wound is controlled. The bandage is opened 7 -10 days later. The patient should wear sports bras for 6 weeks. There may be swelling, numbing or pinkish color change on the skin. They go away in a short time. You can get back to your work in 3-4 days depending on your work. You are recommended to avoid heavy sports for 3 months. The reshaped breasts are long lasting. Breast lift surgery is an operation that generally gives good and permanent results, restores the person’s and her spouse’s psychological state and make them lively more than ever.