With increasing age and the effect of gravity, eyebrows, upper and lower eyelids develop loose skins, excess skin and sagging and also fat tissues in the eyelids develop frontward baggy structures. This causes the deformation of the aesthetic look and also drooping upper eyelids falls on eyes and thus may prevent the person’s vision.

Duration of the operation 1-1,5 hours where the Excess skin is removed through the eyelid plastic surgery and also the membrane in front of the bagged fat tissue is strengthened, if necessary, the excess fat tissue is removed. In this way, you’ll both have a beautiful look and your vision will be restored. The operation is performed over the bend line of upper eyelid, just under the eyelashes in the lower eyelids, thus the scars of operation are not visible and is hidden. The operation is performed under hospital conditions, under the supervision of the anesthesiologist and in the operating room.

You can go back home on the same day after the operation. The early period after operation is generally easy. There may be swelling around the eyes. The stitches are removed 3-5 days later. The operation gives good results. The patient can go back to work 5 days later. If he uses contact lenses, he can put them on 1 week later.